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IOS App Design Company

Why Softnoesis the best?

Here at Softnoesis, apart from praising good app design when we see it, and shaking our heads when a prominent brand or start up has dumped their resources into a discombobulated mess of an application.

We Know Our Stuff

Per our roots as an iOS app design company, our team of exceptionally bright designers were practically birthed from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. Without adhering to Apple’s themes of clarity, obedience, and depth, defined below, it’s almost impossible to get featured in the marketplace.

IOS design


Throughout the app, everything is legible, clean, symmetrical, and organized. Each function serves a purpose, and each function is easy to navigate to and from. There should be no ambiguities regarding app functionality. Use of space, color, graphics, and interface elements help stage important content.


Interface that submits not fights back. Gradients, intense shadowing, and framing, 9 times out of 10, distract the user from what’s important.


Visual layers give the application a realistic motion. Touch gestures add to interactivity turning the screen into a command center.