To stay ahead in the competitive eCommerce industry and maximize online earnings through selling products and services, consider partnering with a magento development company in India to enhance your online store with Magento extensions. These extensions can help you stand out and attract potential customers.

If you want your online store to become successful, then installing Magento extensions on your website will help you get there. Here are five must-have Magento extensions that will help grow your eCommerce business and maximize your profits.

1) Related Product

Do you want to increase the average order value of each customer? Related Product by softnoesis is an extension for Magento that helps you build a strong, personal connection with your customers. This extension offers up a suggestion for products related to the products in the shopping cart. 

If you are looking for a way to generate more revenue, Related Products can be one way you can do this. This extension offers many unique and useful features that help you offer a personalized shopping experience and present more relevant content to customers. 

The related products module allows customers the ability to sort the products by relevance, custom attributes, price points or best-selling items; giving them greater control over which products they view and shop from.


  • This plugin is a great way to improve the customer experience. 
  • It has beautiful slider displays which will help you find what you are looking for with less time and effort. 
  • The Related Product can be displayed in various places throughout the store, such as product pages, category pages, and search results. 
  • The best part about Related Product is that it works seamlessly with most themes. 
  • It easily integrates into the eCommerce site without any modification required from the store owner or developer. 
  • User-friendly and easy to understand
  • Responsive on all devices and has an easy setup process. 

2) ProductReview 

ProductReview is a free extension for Magento that allows you to create an unlimited number of product reviews, see how products are rated by customers, and share product reviews on social media. It’s an effective way for shoppers to find the best deals and make informed decisions about what they want to buy.

ProductReview by softnoesis is one of the best Magento extensions out there because it allows you to store reviews and ratings on a single page and home page. this extension will allow customers to rate and review their purchases without ever leaving the page they were on. This is a great way to increase conversions and create an interactive visitor experience.


  • ProductReview is one of the best extensions that can be used for customer reviews and ratings. 
  • With ProductReview, you get an in-depth report of what customers are saying about the product, a rating system based on a five-star scale, and the ability to reply directly to reviews.
  • Shows all the reviews on the home page on the slider.
  • User-friendly and easy interface.
  • show/hide reviews of the home page.
  • It is responsive on all devices.
  • It is easy and fast to set up.

3) Ask To Expert

It is important that you are confident in the extensions you install. There are many ways to get feedback on any Magento extensions, but one of the most common is by asking for help from a professional. A certified Magento developer will be able to give you feedback and guidance on which Magento extensions will work best for your site and how they may affect performance. 

Ask Expert allows shoppers to chat live with an expert from their site, who can answer questions on any topic. It’s a great way for customers to get quick help, and experts are compensated for their time.


  • Ask To Expert is a powerful suite of extensions that include features such as the “Ask Question” button on product details pages. 
  • Both registered customers and guests can ask questions. 
  • With these features, you can boost your customer satisfaction rates by giving them the ability to ask for help.
  • Ask To Expert allows customers to ask questions and get support directly from you in real time. 
  • Easily enable/disable from admin. 
  • It provides approve questions and answers for the admin. 
  • It contains options such as “all user”, “login user”, and “guest user”. 
  • User-friendly and easy to understand. 
  • Responsive on all devices. 
  • It has a quick and fast installation process. 

4) Billing address popup

Billing address popup is a Magento extensions that allow you to add a billing address popup form. The form will allow customers to enter their shipping and billing address information, at the same time. 

If you want to generate more revenue, the billing address popup extension is a must-have. The billing address popup will allow shoppers to enter their shipping address without having to leave the checkout page.  Plus, with one single module, this extension lets customers select from all of the billing options that are offered in the backend. 


  • Billingaddresspopup will allow you to collect billing information from customers before they checkout. 
  • This is a very convenient way of avoiding situations where customers forget or refuse to enter their billing information, which can lead to account suspension.
  • The billing address is shown on the popup.
  • It is easy to understand and user-friendly.
  • It works for both login and guest customers.
  • Responsive on all devices.
  • Quick and easy to set up. 

5) Threestepcheckout

Threestepcheckout is a great Magento extensions for merchants who have an online store. If you’re selling a variety of products and services, customers may abandon their shopping cart if the checkout process takes too long. Threestepcheckout streamlines the process with just one page, fewer fields, and no confirmation pages.

Install the Threestepcheckout extension. It will replace the default checkout process with an easy and quick three-step process. In addition, it includes features like a “progress indicator” which ensures buyers about the remaining steps.


  • One of the most essential features of a successful site is the checkout process. Threestepcheckout is a popular extension that makes it easier for customers to order without having to create an account or add any of their personal information.
  • It easily displays the 3 steps on the checkout page.
  • The 3-step checkout work on both login and guest customer. 
  • It is user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • Responsive on all devices.
  • Easy and quick to set up.


With these 5 Magento extensions   by Softnoesis, you’ll be able to improve your eCommerce store’s efficiency and make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. Plus, with a little help from some of these extensions, you can start generating more revenue in no time. All of these Magento extensions are free and easy to install.

Now that you know which five Magento extensions you should install, go ahead and get started!