Wanna stop automatic refresh feeds on Instagram?

If you are too active on Instagram then you might have noticed that the its feeds get automatically refreshed. Due to which many people skip or can’t see the older posts. Yet, there is no solution that has come out from Instagram for this problem. But at that time one can adapt more methods to resolve this. In Instagram application, the background gets automatically refreshed. Battery always gets drain very fast due to this automatic feed refreshed. Android or iPhone users can take a few simple steps to stop this automatic refreshing feed.

stop automatic feed on instagram
stop automatic feed on instagram

Following are some necessary steps :
Step 1 : Go to mobile settings and click on General settings.
Step 2 : Tap on background refresh and swipe off to stop the Instagram background app
refresh from the list.

In this way, users can also swipe off or stop the other application’s automatic background refresh. Users also have the background app refresh option in the cost of WI-FI or mobile data network. For that, users have to go to mobile settings and have to choose mobile data or Wi-Fi.
After choosing that, users have to swipe off or stop the Instagram from the background data usage, in this way one can stop automatic feeds on Instagram.

so best benefit of stop automatic feed on Instagram to save mobile data as well.

In couple of months ago, Instagram also launched “Suggested posts”. These posts are posts which not from the account you followed and will show when you reach at the end of scrolling. So it gives you option to keep scrolling with Instagram’s suggestions. In general, “suggested post” will not be same show in Explorer.

Now-a-days, Instagram most success module is Reels which similar to earlier famous Tik-tok videos mobile application.