Now a days everyone has to build website. Everyone has to go digitally. But everyone don’t have knowledge about what to do, to go digitally. By just posting on social media is not a digital marketing. To grow your business digitally there are 6 parameters of digital marketing. Content, Platform, Graphics, Copy writing, Tracking and repeating. These all parameters are an important for Digital Marketing. Whenever you are posting something at that time how is the content, on which platform we are posting, how is your presentation, your efforts are going on right direction or not to check that all these tripe are necessary.

Let’s have a look on 7 Tools to grow your business digitally:

1. Content

In content testimonial, review and uses of ratings video, images, writings can be taken in any format. But it should be uploaded continuously. When you do branding of your company at that time never describe about what you are selling. Describe about how you are solving problems of other persons. In content you can use social messages like tips, learning, news, awareness.

2. Repeating

Which is repeatedly seen in project is sell most. That’s why repeatedly post on platform. For marketing should do new activities. Also should repeat content. For digital marketing stability is mandatory. After posting one post if you are posting another post after 3 months then there will be no impact. Should do scheduling of post. But that’s does not mean to post every day. It’s perfect to post thrice in a week.

3. Graphics

If there will be uniqueness in content then people will get attract soon. In graphics color palate is an important. The graphics should be like that, the people can easily understood.

4. Tracking

Analyses of every post is very necessary. In every social media there is an option of insights. From which you will get to know about how much is your post has reached, how much response has been got. Due to this it can be known is it necessary to do any changes or not in project. This option is only provided only in social media.

5. Copy Right

In content, title is most important. It puts impact on lakhs/crores of people with one tagline. Tagline should be prepared by joining it with psychology.

6. Platform

It is necessary to have a good platform for marketing. You can start with small platform. Took one platform and become an expert in that. Before picking platform, know who are there users. Your target audience are using which platform by knowing all these choose your platform. For marketing, search optimization is also an important. You can also start blogging channel.

7. ICA

In marketing, ICA( Ideal Customer Avatar ) is most important. If you have no knowledge about your target audience then your marketing will be never successful. In every business minimum 5 ICA are there. Target to them on which your project is based on. For every target audience there are different contents. Having more knowledge about your target audience even then your partner then only you will get success.

Hope this 7 tools to grow your business digitally helpfull.