Let’s add voice on Twitter!

Previous year social audio feature platform clubhouse was highlighted one. In the very first quarter of 2021 itself, the clubhouse is facing a lot of competition through other companies. Recently, Facebook has been working on audio feature. Whereas, Twitter is one step forward. Till now, Twitter audio feature’s advantage was only for iOS users but now Android users are definitely able to take an advantage in one constant version. Twitter makes clubhouse wins by adding the audio feature in the android version. Now Twitter becomes the first ever platform who provides his new feature to iOS as well as Android users. Not only Twitter, but Telegram, Facebook, Discot and Reddit are also working on this feature. If android users want to take advantage of this new feature in their android phone then they have to follow some steps.

Following are the necessary steps for Android users:
Step 1 : Open Play store and update the Twitter application.
Step 2 : Give the permission for Voice DAM for better access.

After both necessary steps users are ready to make their Twitter space. For this, you have to click on the floating action button and compose the tweet. Afterwards, you have to click on the space icon and there you will see visible Twitter filters by the floating sheet. Lastly, you have to name the twitter space.

By adding voice on Twitter, they are updating their system with new Era. Any social media platform must need to be updated to keep users connected. Also sending audio is always better than to post text message.

As for the world, Twitter has a user-base of over 35 crore users across the the world. Mostly politician, celebrity and companies are using this Twitter for keep updating their self.